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About Our Firm

About Our Firm

A Message From the Firm’s Founding Partners

The Small Firm
for Big Cases

In early 2017, we left the largest plaintiffs’ trial lawyer firm in Pennsylvania, where we had been partners for many years, to start our own firm. We did so because we share a vision of how we want to practice law: handling big cases with the personal attention of a small firm.

In our nearly 40 years combined of representing plaintiffs, we have secured or helped secure more than 100 seven or eight-figure settlements or verdicts. Since starting our firm, we have continued to litigate only very significant cases, and we will do so in the way that we always have. We investigate our cases thoroughly, litigate them aggressively, and do not hesitate to try any case where necessary to try to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

We Are the Lawyers
Who Will Handle
Your Case

Personalized client attention is a core principle of our firm. When our clients have questions or want an update, or when there is an important development in their case, our clients speak with one of us.

Using Technology to
Improve Client Service

We are committed to using technology to represent our clients efficiently and responsively. Our firm is paperless to the greatest extent possible. This allows us to manage the large volumes of documents generated in the types of cases we handle. Being paperless also significantly reduces the costs associated with copying and storing large amounts of paper, which reduces the costs to our clients in any case where there is a recovery.

Experience You
Can Trust

Many lawyers advertise for the types of cases that we handle. We take great pride in the fact that many current clients have been referred by former clients or by lawyers whom we have litigated against.

Our commitment to our clients is simple. For as long as our names are on the door, we will represent our clients in the same way we have throughout our careers – aggressively, with conscientious attention to detail, honesty, and integrity.

- Andy Youman and Dave Caputo

Aggressive Representation.
Personal Client Attention.
We Are the Small Firm for Big Cases.

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