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Youman & Caputo’s Whistleblower Team

David Caputo, John Crutchlow, and Joseph Trautwein have a wealth of government and private practice experience – and a track record of success – in litigating whistleblower claims.  In their nearly three decades of combined experience working for the United States Department of Justice, they investigated dozens of False Claims Act cases initiated by whistleblowers and represented the United States in cases returning more than $4 billion to the federal treasury.  In nearly the same number of combined years in private practice, they have litigated numerous successful claims on behalf of their whistleblower clients, winning more than $150 million for their clients and recovering more than $1 billion for the government.   

How Our Attorneys Address Whistleblower Cases

A whistleblower case is a partnership between the whistleblower and the government.  In their many years of both government and private practice, Caputo, Crutchlow and Trautwein have developed strong relationships with the government attorneys who handle these cases.  They have well-earned reputations not just as skillful advocates with a strong knowledge of this unique area of the law but also as trusted advisors with solid practical judgment necessary to handle the difficult and sometimes unexpected situations that can arise.  

Caputo, Crutchlow and Trautwein all served in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, which has one of the DOJ’s strongest government teams in False Claims Act cases.  They also have had success in courts around the country, including the Southern District of New York, the District of Arizona, the Central District of California, the District of Delaware, and the Middle District of Florida.  Caputo was also the lead counsel in one of the first successful tax fraud qui tam lawsuits filed under the State of New York’s False Claims Act.

Crutchlow also brings unique experience as an SEC Trial Attorney that makes him uniquely qualified to handle SEC whistleblower claims and lends credibility to any SEC whistleblower claim that he files. 

It takes enormous courage to be a whistleblower, whether you are pursuing a qui tam False Claims Act  case or a claim under the SEC, IRS, or CFTC whistleblower programs.  If you have information about fraud on a government program like Medicare or Medicaid or information about tax, securities or commodities fraud, you likely have questions about the potential risks and rewards of reporting that information to government.  

You need the Youman & Caputo Whistleblower Team.  Knowledgeable whistleblower lawyers who will give reliable answers to your important questions.  Experienced whistleblower lawyers whom the government regards as trusted partners.  Skilled trial lawyers who will litigate your case aggressively, even when the government declines to pursue it, and fight for the award that you deserve for having the courage to blow the whistle on fraud.

Contact the Youman & Caputo Whistleblower Team for a free consultation.  We work on a purely contingent fee basis and do not receive a fee unless and until you receive an award from the government for filing your whistleblower claim.

Notable Whistleblower Case Results

Some of the whistleblower cases that Caputo, Crutchlow and Trautwein have litigated resulted in: