Mr. Caputo was an absolute hero to my family at a time when my options seemed limited

Mr. Caputo was an absolute hero to my family at a time when my options seemed limited and the likelihood of true justice and a win against a large financially wealthy corporate healthcare organization would have been impossible for most attorneys . Not only was he able to defend me from a ludicrous and false accusation, but his empathetic demeanor and confidence in knowing I had a case offered me the emotional support I needed most during what was the scariest 2 hours of my entire career.  Mr. Caputo answered my initial phone call after business hours and spent the next 2 hours explaining that everything I had done was right and my morals and ethics would win against this healthcare organization.  He was right. I explained that my call to him had nothing to do with me wanting or needing money, but more so the importance of bringing justice to those who could not defend themselves against a fraudulent entity.   Not only did “I” win, but the healthcare organization was held accountable for their illegal activities, it was subsequently forced into bankruptcy and had to sell. All of the folks who were a part of the fraudulent activities were brought to justice and I am eternally grateful for his service, as I’m sure the United States government is also. I hereby recommend Youman and Caputo without any reservations.

Former Y&C Whistleblower Client
The outcome exceeded my expectations

I reached out to David Caputo to discuss my medical malpractice case. He was very nice, easy to talk to, professional, and willing to take on my case immediately. He was able to resolve my case within a timely manner, outside of court and with zero headache. I honestly felt like he cared about my case and what I went through and therefore he fought for what I deserved. The outcome exceeded my expectations and I am very thankful for his help. I would definitely refer my family and friends to him.

Tabitha W. Google Review
From start to finish…simply the best!

Compassionate caring and above all knowledgeable and extremely well-versed. From the very beginning, I knew I was in good hands. Dave handled my very emotional case with sensitivity and care. I can’t say enough positive things about Youman and Caputo. I highly recommend Dave and his team. From start to finish…simply the best!

Jennifer G. Google Review
Caring and professional firm

David and his team are amazing. They guided our family through a very difficult time and were able to negotiate a settlement that avoided the pressure and anxiety of a trial. David was honest and never promised anything, except his maximum effort. Karen on his team was also an outstanding. She was able to effectively guide us through the steps that we would have to take along this journey. Our family cannot say enough good things about Youman and Caputo as a caring and professional firm. We would highly recommend David and his team.

Joe D. Google Review
Always available and honest

Dave Caputo was absolutely wonderful. He was professional, understanding and truly represented our family beautifully. Dave and his legal assistant Karen made us feel so comfortable more like family then clients. Always available and honest. We needed our side to be told and they were extremely successful in making that happen. Above and beyond, thank you again Dave and all of your staff.

Andrew S. Google Review
Highly recommended!

Absolutely stellar team who successfully walked our family through a very complicated, multi-year situation. Cannot speak highly enough of Dave Caputo and his colleagues. We are very grateful for their professionalism, attentiveness, and care over the years. Highly recommended!

William R. Google Review
You can not go wrong with Attorney Youman

Andy helped me through a difficult time. He was the most professional lawyer I have ever dealt with. He tells it like it is, and what it could be, bad and good. If you are in a situation that many of us hope we never have to deal with, you can not go wrong with Attorney Youman. I would not hesitate to call him again for his professional services.

Michael T. Google Review
They changed my life for the better

I am beyond happy that I went with this firm! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders as they fought for me and won my case! They changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be happier with them and the way they treated me and worked with me through the entire process.

Chelsea C. Google Review
This is the only lawyer you should use

David and his team listened, was timely and beyond knowledgeable and walked me through the process smoothly and honestly. I was kept aware of all matters, without having to force information out of him, and handled all legal, personal, and professional aspects of the my needs at the forefront at all times. This is the only lawyer you should use.

Lionel H. Google Review
Superb legal team

Superb Legal Team!


No games – always responsive – straight talk = Total Excellence!

I was involved in a serious accident several years ago that has left me partially disabled. A friend of mine told me that I needed to call Andy Youman which I did.

After six operations including two shoulder replacements, and a brain injury, I needed straight talk and I needed someone with lots of experience. That describes Andy Youman and his associate Kevin to a T!

Andy and Kevin worked diligently for almost 3 years to resolve my case. They brought my case to courthouse steps and were able to obtain a a nice settlement. They were willing to try the case, but that did not become necessary because they had negotiated a great offer prior to that. Andy didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear but he did tell me what I needed to hear based on his legal experience of many years. in other words he was transparent and spoke the truth. To me that is crucial.

In this day and age with TV commercials advertising other law firms that promise you the sun, the moon and the stars, it’s refreshing to find people like Andy and Kevin to deal with with concerning serious legal issues. No hype, no games, straight talk. They were also very responsive to me every time I called or emailed them. No waiting for days for a response or leaving multiple voicemail messages. How refreshing is that in this day and age!?!

I trusted Andy and his team and they came through! I highly recommend Andy and his team!

Tom F. Google Review
Personable, smart, focused and experienced

I was hit by a car while walking across a street in Philadelphia. Dave Caputo came to my rescue from a legal perspective. Personable, smart, focused and experienced, he avoided a costly trial and negotiated a very sound settlement on my behalf. If you need a good lawyer, I highly recommend Dave Caputo. You won’t be disappointed.

Kristine S. Google Review
Extremely helpful, knowledgeable, caring and honest

Andy Youman is an excellent personal injury lawyer and the lawyers, paralegals and staff at Youman Caputo are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, caring and honest. Great law firm!

Bernie M. Google Review
Kindness and professionalism

I highly recommend David Caputo and his firm. He helped myself and my family out in a time of need and I couldn’t be more grateful for their kindness and professionalism.

Jackie Z. Google Review
Overall our experience was only positive

My wife was crossing a street in Philadelphia and hit by a car. Dave Caputo was subsequently recommended as a lawyer for us by a former senior government official who is a friend of my colleague. Dave is the real deal! He is a Harvard educated lawyer with years of legal experience. The consummate family man, he is personable, compassionate, articulate, organized and clearly knows what he is doing. Dave had a solid grasp of every single fact and aspect of our case. He was always prepared, his advice was timely, and through skillful negotiation obtained a settlement in the upper limits of the range applicable for this type of incident. His concern for us did not simply stop once negotiations were finished. He made sure that we had the name of a competent financial planner to help us manage our settlement and worked hard to try to reduce our health insurance company’s lien — things that he could easily have let slide because they had no impact on his bottom line.

I should note that during the time that Dave represented us, he left his old firm to start his own law practice with a few lawyers who share his passion for excellence and attention to detail. While we did not work directly with them, we did get to meet his partner, Andy Youman, another experienced lawyer with whom we would not hesitate to trust. Karen Kane, Dave’s very competent para-legal, was also with us throughout. She very effectively handled the administrative aspects of our case. Overall our experience was only positive. Should we need legal assistance in the future, Youman and Caputo will be our first phone call.

Don C. Google Review
Andy proved to be even better than he described

Never in our lives did we ever think we would need a Lawyer. My Wife and I employed Andy Youmans services during a difficult time in our lives. She was injured at a surgical center during sinus surgery when she was injected with improperly labeled medication. This lead her to cardiac arrest and cognitive as well as visual issues due to lack of Oxygen. Unsure who to contact we relied on a family friend, a leading medical defense attorney, who he would use and his immediate and only recommendation was Andy Youman. He assured us of his legal knowledge, diligence ,and experience in handling a case like ours. The case had many difficult circumstances arise complicated by the fact that the injuries were not visible and we can say Andy proved to be even better than he described. He kept us well informed and always had our best interest at heart. The case ended up not being a simple negotiation, it went to trial where Andy’s preparation and skill were a marvel to witness resulting in a 5,100,000.00 jury verdict. He is truly a highly skilled professional in his field and we would highly recommend him with full confidence

Bob D. Google Review
Andy is nothing short of amazing

My girlfriend was treated like trash by a hospital and because she was pushed under the rug the hospital didn’t diagnose her with the rare spinal condition she has we’ve been together 12 yrs and our lives especially hers is far from easy, but thanks to Andy Youman we at least have some stability he was an blunt down to earth, take no s–t lawyer, that was very understanding and worked with my girl to get a fraction off what she deserved, in all honesty anyone who suffers or a love one suffers you know that no amount of money will ever compensate but for all his hard work she got a fraction. Quoting her Andy is nothing short of amazing, you get what you pay for but with Andy she had gotten so much more. Thank you Andy we are sorry it took so long to post this review, but you were extraordinary (even with how difficult she can be some times) and thank you again. To anyone reading this review or search for a lawyer is over, hit the call button give Youman & Caputo a call.

Former Client Google Review
I would highly recommend him as counsel in Qui Tam lawsuits
I and a partner were represented by David Caputo in a complex, lengthy Qui Tam lawsuit related to Medicaid fraud. David was able through his legal expertise, personal skills, and client commitment to effectively guide us successfully through this complex process resulting in a successful outcome. It was a pleasure to meet and work with David and I would highly recommend him as counsel in Qui Tam lawsuits.
Russ B. Google Review