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David J. Caputo Interviewed on WWDB AM 860

In a recent radio interview on The Pain and Wellness Hour with Sonny Banks, Attorney David J. Caputo described the different types of cases that his firm handles. During the interview, Caputo stressed the importance of consulting with an experienced whistleblower attorney if you have knowledge of fraud within the federal government. Most states and the federal government have passed laws to reward whistleblowers that expose such instances of fraud. Caputo also explored the topic of catastrophic injury litigation, describing the process and timeline of litigating a case. He touched on the significance of retaining an attorney with the necessary resources and experience to handle such cases, as doing so gives the victim better odds of a positive outcome. Caputo’s decades of experience as a catastrophic injury and whistleblower representation attorney allowed him to share his unique insights into the legal field with listeners of the show.