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Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Workers are usually barred from suing their employer even if the employer was one of the parties responsible for the unsafe condition that caused the accident. A worker is not barred, however, from suing other parties – other contractors on a job site, product manufacturers, or property owners, for example — if the third party’s negligence was the cause of the worker’s injury.

Youman & Caputo have a track record of success handling serious workplace accident cases. 

They understand how to identify potential claims, how to prove the case, and how to negotiate with workers compensation carriers at the end of a successful case to reduce liens and maximize their clients’ recoveries.

The workplace injury verdicts and settlements that Youman and Caputo have won in their careers include:

  • $7.3 million recovery for injured construction worker
  • $3 million verdict in Philadelphia for injured construction worker. Caputo was lead trial counsel for an iron-worker who was injured when he fell in a dark staircase at a construction site. Learn More.
  • $2.3 million recovery in northeastern Pennsylvania workplace injury case
  • $2 million jury verdict in Philadelphia for injured construction worker. In November 2004, Youman won a $2 million jury verdict for a construction worker who suffered a severe neck injury in a job site mishap. George LePera, of Conshohocken, was hurt when wet concrete was poured onto him from one floor above the area in which he was working.

If you or someone you know has suffered from a workplace inury in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you should contact Youman & Caputo for a free consultation.

Youman & Caputo has extensive experience in representing victims of workplace injuries. Our attorneys will offer a free consultation and help you determine whether you might be entitled to compensation as a result of your injury.

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