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Philadelphia Hospital Discharge Error Lawyer

No one wants to spend a minute more than they need to in the hospital. However, you will have to remain in the hospital until your doctor believes that it is safe for you to be discharged. Your doctor may discharge you with some follow-up instructions for care and medications. When you are finally discharged from the hospital, it is because your doctor has made a determination that it is safe to do so.

If it turns out that you were discharged too early or without proper discharge instructions and you have suffered further injury because of a hospital discharge error, you may be entitled to compensation for medical malpractice. To find out if you may be entitled to financial compensation, call Youman & Caputo for a free assessment of your case.

Why Choose Our Hospital Discharge Error Lawyers?

  • Our partners, Andrew S. Youman and David J. Caputo, have years of experience representing clients and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts or settlements for them.
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If you or a family member suffered a serious medical injury after being discharged from a doctor’s care, you may have a medical malpractice case. At Youman & Caputo, our experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia have access to medical experts who can assess your case and determine quickly if you have a valid claim. Your initial consultation is free, so call us today at (215) 302-1999.

Hospital Discharge Errors

A medical malpractice case does not automatically arise because of a hospital discharge error. Doctors are not perfect. They sometimes make errors that can result in harm, but not all errors will qualify for a medical malpractice claim. For a doctor to be held responsible for an injury caused by a hospital discharge error, the doctor must have failed to act according to the standard of care required of them in the particular circumstances.

To make a successful claim for medical malpractice, the injured patient must prove all four elements of negligence:

  • That there was a doctor-patient relationship;
  • That the doctor failed to uphold the standard of care required in the case;
  • That the doctor’s failure caused or increased the risk of harm to the patient; and
  • That the patient suffered actual harm.

A failure to uphold the required standard of care can include any of the following:

  • Premature discharge;
  • Failure to run adequate diagnostic or exploratory tests before discharge;
  • Failure to prescribe medication;
  • Failure to make referrals for follow-up care; or
  • Misinterpretation of charts, scans, or laboratory results.

philadelphia hospital discharge error attorney

How Can a Hospital Discharge Error Attorney Help?

Medical malpractice lawsuits involve complex laws and legal procedures that require the skill of an experienced lawyer. An experienced Philadelphia hospital discharge error attorney knows the challenges that injured victims confront when trying to make a claim. The attorneys have the resources to review detailed medical information to identify all the parties that are legally responsible for your injury, and then gather evidence to prove a claim against them.

Whether the case is resolved through a settlement or by a jury, you need an experienced lawyer advocating in your best interest to get the full compensation to which you are entitled.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious medical complication after a hospital discharge error, contact Youman & Caputo to speak to a medical malpractice lawyer about your hospital discharge error case. Call (215) 302-1999 to schedule a free consultation.