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Poor Post-Op Care Claims in Philadelphia

When you are in the care of doctors or other medical professionals, they are responsible for your well-being as it relates to the care that they provide to you. The aim of medical care is to help the patient and not cause the patient harm. That is why when a patient receives any type of treatment, such as surgery or  new medications, their doctor must act with due care to prevent that treatment from causing any harm.

The aftercare process is very important to determine that the patient is not harmed by the care they receive. Following a major surgery, for instance, the aftercare a patient receives may be just as important as the surgery itself. For example, failure to properly take care of a surgical wound can lead to infections and even death.

If you have suffered injury because of poor aftercare provided by your doctor or medical facility, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Youman & Caputo to get information about your rights. Our experienced attorneys can help you evaluate your poor aftercare process claims and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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What Constitutes Poor Aftercare Process?

Doctors and other medical professionals must have a process for following up with patients to minimize the risk that the patient suffers any adverse reactions to the care that they received. Follow-ups also involve monitoring the effects of the treatment that the patient received, and the patient’s recovery from any procedures. Proper aftercare aims to provide timely interventions if something goes wrong.

Circumstances that can reveal poor aftercare process include:

  • Lack of after treatment. A doctor must take reasonable care to ensure that their patient receives the after treatment they need to continue their care. This could include instructions or referrals for other procedures.
  • Failure to anticipate or prevent complications. When a doctor fails to observe certain symptoms or pay adequate attention to the patient’s medical history, preventable complications may arise.
  • Failure to monitor the patient. After a medical procedure or administering a new medication, part of the aftercare process is to monitor the patient for signs of complications such as allergic reactions, infections, sepsis, and other adverse reactions to the treatment. The attorneys at Youman & Caputo can file a Philadelphia claim for failing to monitor a patient if you or a loved one are injured due to improper oversight.
  • Failure to diagnose new problems. Sometimes, new problems arise as a result of a new treatment or surgical procedure. A good aftercare process includes measures designed to identify these new problems when they arise, perform necessary tests, and take appropriate action to deal with those problems.

Following surgery, a good aftercare process begins from the moment the patient is wheeled out of the operating room until even after the patient’s stitches are removed. The goal is to make sure that the patient suffers no complications because of the surgery.

How Do I Get Compensation for Poor Aftercare Process Claims in Philadelphia?

If you had a medical procedure and you have suffered more harm because of the poor aftercare you received from your doctor, you may be entitled to compensation through a medical negligence claim. You will have to prove that the doctor or other medical professional followed a poor aftercare process in your care, below the standard expected for the type of procedure you had. You must also show that you were injured and that the doctor’s poor aftercare process is the legal cause of your injury.

In some cases, the doctor or hospital may try to blame you for failing to substantially comply with their instructions to avoid liability. Having a skilled Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer advocating for you and protecting your interests is the best way to get full and fair compensation for your injury.

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