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Philadelphia Shoulder Dystocia Attorney

Shoulder dystocia is an emergency birth complication where one or both of the baby’s shoulders are lodged behind the mother’s pubic bone. This puts the mother and baby at risk for serious injury or death. When shoulder dystocia presents during labor, there are different maneuvers that can alleviate it and help safely deliver the baby. However, even with those maneuvers there is no guarantee of a positive outcome.

If your doctor was negligent during your labor and delivery, and their negligence resulted in a shoulder dystocia-related injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. At Youman & Caputo, our Philadelphia shoulder dystocia attorneys have the legal and medical resources necessary to fight for compensation for your baby’s injuries.

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Risk Factors Associated With Shoulder Dystocia

While there is a risk of shoulder dystocia with every pregnancy, there are factors that make some women more likely than others to experience it. Some of these risk factors can be identified during prenatal care to avoid shoulder dystocia during labor. However, cases of shoulder dystocia can occur without any warning, and the outcome will depend heavily on the skill used to manage it.

The common risk factors associated with shoulder dystocia include:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Maternal obesity
  • Premature or prolonged labor
  • The position of the baby
  • Being pregnant with twins or other multiples
  • Having assisted vaginal birth involving tools like forceps or a vacuum

What Maneuvers Can Resolve Shoulder Dystocia?

There are four main techniques used to free the baby’s shoulder to resolve cases of shoulder dystocia.

  • McRobert’s maneuver, which involves repositioning the mother’s legs;
  • Suprapubic pressure, which involves placing pressure at the mother’s pubic bone;
  • Woods maneuver, which involves the doctor or nurse placing their hand in the birth canal and trying to rotate the baby’s shoulder in a kind of corkscrew motion; and
  • Delivery of the posterior arm.

If these fail, there are more extreme maneuvers including intentional fracture of the baby’s clavicle to release the shoulder, or a Zavanelli maneuver to push the baby’s head back into the uterus and rush to an emergency C-section.

These maneuvers must be done carefully to avoid further trauma to the mother and baby, but time is also of the essence. In the process, the baby’s brain may be deprived of blood and oxygen, causing other birth injuries like cerebral palsy and brain hypoxia.

What Are Complications Associated With Shoulder Dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia puts both mother and baby at risk of injury. Some of the complications associated with it include:

  • Fractured humerus
  • Extensive nerve damage resulting in Erb’s palsy
  • Brain injuries resulting from deprivation of oxygen
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Uterine rupture

Getting Compensation for Injury Associated With Shoulder Dystocia

It can be difficult to prove that healthcare providers were at fault for injuries resulting from their treatment of a patient. A successful claim must be supported by evidence and testimony from highly qualified experts. That is why we diligently investigate our cases to get the best outcome for our clients. At Youman & Caputo, our Philadelphia birth injury attorneys hire medical experts who know the minimum standard of care and review your medical records to identify any failure to meet that standard.

A Philadelphia Shoulder Dystocia Lawyer Can Help

If you or your baby is facing an uncertain future because of an injury resulting from poorly managed shoulder dystopia, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Youman & Caputo at (215) 302-1999 to speak with a Philadelphia shoulder dystocia attorney today.